Paving the Way to a Stronger Queensland

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Welcome to Connect Queensland! Our committed team is dedicated to cultivating strong collaborations within the civil, rail, and mining sectors throughout the state. We place a strong emphasis on nurturing a cooperative atmosphere, empowering our candidates to improve their skills, and offering opportunities to participate in substantial infrastructure projects.

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Connecting Skills to Major Projects

Discover our recent projects and how skilled labour hire drives Queensland's development and prosperity

Bruce Highway

Bruce Highway | $1 Billion

M1 Pacific Motorway

M1 Pacific Motorway | $1 Billion

Cross River Rail

Cross River Rail | $6.3 Billion

Coomera Connector

Coomera Connector | $2.16 Billion

Building Bridges of Opportunity in Queensland

Exploring Our Queensland Journey

Our commitment to nurturing talent and connecting opportunities has been at the core of our journey in Queensland. Over our time here, we’ve played a vital role in supporting key sectors such as civil engineering, rail infrastructure, and mining, contributing to the growth and development of these industries. As Queensland has evolved, so have we, adapting our services and expanding our reach to remain a valuable partner.

Today, we take pride in the success stories we’ve been a part of and the talented individuals and businesses we’ve supported. Our enduring presence in Queensland reflects our dedication to the state’s prosperity and continued growth. Connect Resources remains deeply committed to forging bridges of opportunity in Queensland, empowering our clients and candidates to achieve their goals and contribute to the state’s success.

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